Genealogy of Vidding
Curated by Laura Shapiro and Francesca Coppa
Complete screening including
curator's remarks
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Vidding is a form of grassroots filmaking in which found footage, most frequently from television shows or moview, is edited to music. The resulting videos, known as "vids," or "songvids," comment on, critique or otherwise interpret the filmic source. One of the many arts to have emerged from Star Trek and media fandom, vidding is particularly notable as a form of filmmaking practiced almost exclusively by women. This program will trace the genealogy of vidding, beginning in 1975 and continuing today. We will see examples of different video schools and different genre of vids, exploring a range of vidding aesthetics and briefly discuss how those aesthetics have changed as vidding technology has moved from slides to VCRs to computers. Lastly, the program will show vidding to be a practice that celebrates a distinctly female way of seeing.


Both Sides Now (Star Trek)
by Kandy Fong
Song: "Both Sides Now" by Leonard Nimoy
Where it starts: an early vid made with slides.

Oh Boy (Quantum Leap)
by California Crew
Song: "Oh Boy" by Buddy Holly and the Crickets
Oh Boy: a vid about girl power.

When I'm Up I Can't Get Down (Once A Thief)
by JKL
Song: "When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down)" by Oysterband
Characteristic of the San Francisco school, which uses color and movement to illustrate character.

Temper of Revenge (Miami Vice)
by Mary Van Deusen
Song: "Temper of Revenge" by Julia Eckler
Miami Vice as operatic revenger's tragedy.

A Fannish Taxonomy of Hotness (various sources)
by Rache and Sandy
Song: "Hot Hot Hot" by Buster Poindexter
Things that are hot: Swordplay. Hats. Crossdressing. Sunglasses. Cigars. Discuss.

Wouldn't It Be Nice (various sources)
by Laura Shapiro
Song: "Wouldn't it Be Nice?" by the Beach Boys
A slash video look at relationships in shows from Star Trek to Buffy.

Superstar (Buffy)
by here's luck
Song: "Superstar" by Tegan & Sara
Character profile of Faith and her changing relationship with Buffy.

Detachable Penis (The Professionals)
by Sandy, Alex, Gwyn, Tina and Rache
Song: "Detachable Penis" by King Missile
The story of Ray Doyle’s and William Bodie’s relationship... to their guns.

Closer (Star Trek)
by T. Jonesy and Killa
Song: "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails
What if they hadn’t made it to Vulcan in time?

If We Shadows Have Offended (House)
by Dani C.
Song: "Exile" by Enya
House tries to figure out Wilson’s relationship (or lack there of) with his father. Intercut with scenes from Dead Poet’s Society.

Close To You (The X-Files)
by tzikeh
Song: "Close to You" by The Carpenters Ah, Mulder. You can't beat 'em off with a stick.

Bricks (Supernatural)
by Luminosity
Song: "Enter Aretha Mashup" by Rolf Schraa
A video looking at Sam and Dean’s motivations for their work.

Snakes on a Plane (Harry Potter)
by Dualbunny
Song: "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" by Cobra Starship
Chronicles Harry’s battles with Voldemort and other Slytherins.

Thinking of You (Lord of the Rings)
by Absolute Destiny
Song: "Thinking of You" by Hanson
A "Lord King Bad Vid,” i.e. a vid that leavens its genuine sincerity with a dash of irony.

I Put You There (Buffy)
by Laura Shapiro and Lithiumdoll
Song: "I Put You There" by Mary Schmary
A love every fangirl knows. A control every vidder takes hold of.

Us (various sources)
by Lim
Song: "Us" by Regina Spektor
A monument to the texts we love and how we have made them our own.

Walking on the Ground (various sources)
by Seah and Margie
Song: "Walking on the Ground" by Sheldon Allman
The mashed-up evolution of vidding, in five easy steps.

Dante's Prayer (Star Trek)
by Killa
Song: "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt
A K/S story that melds music, character, color, and tech, plus a commentary on fandom itself.

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