The State of Research
Moderator: Adrienne Russell
Panelists: David Buckingham, Michael Wesch, Eric Garland

This panel will feature researchers who study the state of DIY video from a wide range of perspectives. Online, viral and amateur media present a new set of research challenges; unlike television and cinematic media, they muddy the distinction between media producers and audiences, demanding innovative new research approaches. Existing metrics for audience or industry research do not capture the most important dynamics of the online video ecology. Moderated by Adrienne Russell, this panel will showcase current cutting-edge research that captures different dimensions of this emerging area of study. Panelists include David Buckingham, an expert in qualitative audience research, Michael Wesch who is conducting a participatory ethnography of YouTube, and Eric Garland of BigChampagne Media Measurement. John Seely Brown will be the respondent.