On February 8-10, 2008, several hundred DIY video creators, digital culture scholars, and Internet industry leaders gathered at the University of Southern California for a festival and a conversation about the future of video creation and communication. It was the first event of its kind, at a pivotal moment in the evolution of media, convening the wide ranging communities that are coming together around grassroots, everyday, and amateur video creation. The program showcased screenings of 8 different genres of DIY video, a featured screening highlighting DIY video genres and themes, academic panels on the latest research, arts, and industry perspectives, and practical workshops ranging from copyright explanations to how to make machinima. At the core of the event were the hallway encounters, debates over meals and breaks, and celebrations at the closing reception that brought together the diverse attendees in a set of conversations that could truly be described as a "DIY video summit."

The Website
This website functions as an archive of the event, cataloging the screenings and panels, as well as the various conversations that have spun out subsequently as a result of this event. You can find a listing of all the curated video programs, as well as video of the panels in our Video Screenings section. Our link list gives pointers to some of the coverage and conversations after the event, and you can connect with the social network surrounding this event at the Facebook and LiveJournal spaces.

We thank the many supporters of the event, the staff, curators, panelists, workshop organizers, and committee members who made this event possible.

24-7: a DIY Video Summit
University of Southern California