24-7: a DIY Video Summit
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What is DIY Video?

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24/7 is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area Saturday April 16, 2011. This all new all day event features workshops, panels and screenings taking place at California College of the Arts: 1111 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.
Free and open to the public. Information and RSVP here.
Panels and Workshops 2008
Screenings 2008

Plenary Session: Envisioning the Future of DIY
Featuring Joi Ito, Yochai Benkler, Henry Jenkins and John Seely Brown. Moderated by Howard Rheingold.

Political Remix
A critique of power structures reusing dominant cultural content itself as the medium. Curated by Jonathan McIntosh.

State of Research
Featuring researchers who study the state of DIY video from a wide range of perspectives. With David Buckingham, Michael Wesch, Eric Garland and John Seely Brown. Moderated by Adrienne Russell.

Breaking Conventions, Building Movements: 40 Years of Activist Media
On wielding the camera as a tool for political commentary, reform and revolution. Curated by Jon Stout.

State of the Art
Looking beyond the hype and misunderstanding of mainstream media to think seriously about the current state of DIY video and its promise for the future. Featuring Alexandra Juhasz, Juan Devis, Sam Gregory and Henry Jenkins. Moderated by Steve Anderson.

Capture & Release: Independent Arts Video
Digital Arte Povera rubbing bandwidth with WTF pixel pushers. Curated by Eric Saks.

DIY Media: The Intellectual Property Dilemma
Exploring the legal risks of DIY media by a panel of IP experts. Featuring Yochai Benkler and Fred von Lohmann. Moderated by Jennifer Urban.

YouTube-sized: Youth Personas, Protests, Paranoias and Pleasures
A look at what youth are watching and making online. Curated by Open Youth Networks, directed by Mindy Faber.

DIY Tools and Platforms
A discussion of the evolving tools and platforms making DIY video production easier, cheaper and more compelling. Featuring Angela Gyetvan, Dean Jansen, Mike Hudack, Maryrose Dunton, and Joi Ito. Moderated by Walter Baer.

In Perspective: Machinima
Works developed using video game technology. Curated by Paul Marino.

DIY Screening and Distribution
The Internet provides a liberating space for distributing video, but it can also present a considerable set of questions.

Videos from found television and movie footage, edited to music and commenting on the filmic source. Curated by Laura Shapiro and Francesca Coppa.

Open Source Tools
Commercial hosts like YouTube give DIY videomakers potential access to a large audience, but they are also problematic for some videomakers.

Videoblogging: Shut Up and Make Something
Vloggers making stuff up, putting it on the net and there's nothing you can do about it! Curated by Ryanne Hodson.

Copyright and DIY Media
Copyright law is everywhere DIY media creators turn.

Otaku Remixes: Anime Music Videos
Anime + music, influential works from the past decade. Curated by Tim Park.
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